Loosing the conscious state of forgiveness

We spend most of our lives walking in the trails of the past, unaware where we are stepping in our present and unclear where we are going. In our therapeutic practices, we witness the heavy burden that our patients carry as they hold on and relive constantly past events. I acknowledge this fact and it's easy to write about this because most of my life I have also done the same. My patients tell my story. It's as if we've abandoned ourselves, conceding all power to the past to define who we are, determine how we think, how we act and how we feel. The past is our present. It's constantly there while we drive, in our sporting activities, in our daily chores, in our conversations, even in our most uplifting moments. Through our Quantum therapeutic practice, it is possible to measure on a scale of one to ten the weight factor of living in the past, present and future. On average, respectively we've obtained from our patients the result of 7-8; 2-3; 4-5. This strong connection with the past, keep us hostage of the emotions that emerge from the occurred events. Sadness, regrets, guilt, feeling of failure, rage, aggressiveness, resentment, contempt, self-hate, feeling victimized, envy, fear, etc. In the long run, this results in a change of frequency in the vibration of our body particles and consequently affecting our overall health.

One of the powerful healing tools we are called to work with is forgiveness. From the Latin "Per donare" for-give suggest "giving", "letting go" “with insistence” or “abundantly”. From the Greek perspective, it has the connotation of "Liberation". In the state of forgiveness, we let go of the situation or person that we feel has caused us an impairment. We liberate the person or situation and liberate ourselves from any negative emotions that sometimes end up causing us more pain than the event itself. Forgiveness consists in a change of attitude and feeling. It aims to release the burden of dark emotions and their intensity. It frees ourselves from their tyranny while making us available to receive new inspiring energy and creativity. It enables us to walk the path of life with absolute lightness, in a state of total peace and equanimity. Through forgiveness, we recuperate our mental and physical health by reducing any psychological disorders or the physiological response originating from stress. If I no longer allow myself to subjugate to vengeance, feeling insecure, offended, anxiety, bitterness, if I no longer give power to my "offender" with my constant thoughts to the event, I am in full control of the situation; I have ownership of myself and thus I am empowered. Forgiveness teaches us how to escape from the illusionary jail that "we think" we are in (We will come back with this concept later).

It is important to also remember that forgiveness is the key ingredient to any healthy relationship, may it be a couple, friendship, family etc.

Forgiveness does not imply reconciliating with our offender, manifesting positive attitude towards him, nor releasing that person of the responsibility of his act. Neither does forgiveness position us on a scale of superiority towards him. Forgiveness does not also mean forgetting. It's about letting go the feeling that keeps us bound to the event, past or person.

Fear, pain, sadness, contempt, hate, disapproval condemn, while forgiveness is a state of love, washing away the toll taken by the negative emotions and uprising our mind to a new state of consciousness. In a quantum state of consciousness reality as we perceived it is an illusion. A virtual reality that unfolds itself through the lens of our conscious state, where all challenges is a playground for learning and where everything that occurs originates from us. Our emotional, mental and spiritual state trigger the scenery of our life. All perception of offense is an illusion and we should consider what lies in us that led to the event that ended up hurting us. Under this perspective, everything that occurs is an opportunity to grow, an invitation to transcend. When we are connected to our true essence we do not have to forgive because we no longer condemn. If the EGO state of reality is an illusion, why would I feel offended by anything that comes from the world of the EGO and furthermore why should I condemn an act? We have at our disposal set of emotions that will allow us to vibrate beyond the state of forgiveness: Confidence, Courage, Acceptation, Comprehension, Empathy, Compassion, Equanimity, Love…

Let’s move to practice. Recall an event that makes you feel uneasy. What are you feeling? What physical sensation in your body this or these feelings are provoking? How can you reinterpret this experience to set you free? What’s the gift in the lesson learned?

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