Quantum physics and the power of our mind

Childhood is made out magic and fantasy where imagination is the engine of wonders. As a child, looking at movies such as Star Wars, I was amazed by the idea that the Jedi's could move object with their minds, or science fiction movies depicting extra-terrestrial beings with the power to throw objects around with their thoughts. These supranatural abilities that defy the laws of our reality kept us in the state of "wow". Well news flash, mind-control objects are no longer an abstract concept, however not to point though, of moving heavy duty objects. For now, as science progresses towards a better understanding of the mechanics of our brain, scientific experiments in that field is involving the control of small objects with the interaction of a few electronic gimmicks.

The human brain contains about 100 billion neurons. Neurons are body cells that communicate through electrical impulses. Electrical impulses give out electromagnetic waves. By using electrodes connected to the brain and later to a computer, we are able to measure the different frequencies of our brain electromagnetic activities. This is known as electroencephalography (EEG). By converting the EEG into numerical value, we can use our brain activity as computer input to control various technologies. This is called Brain Computer Interface or BCI, which allow to connect machines directly to our mind. There are many fun experiments that illustrates the interaction between our brains and devices. We here reference one of them from an article from the Telegraph.


As Quantum Therapist we use the application of BCI as a sophisticated way to illustrate the powers and potential of our thoughts. Using the principals of Quantum physics, by converting the brain electromagnetic waves into numerical values which is interpreted by a computer, the computer acts as the "observer", collapsing the energy into matter. In this case the matter is the numerical values with a defined purpose to move the object at a certain speed. Deepening our reflection, based on Quantum physics, what if we were to use an "observation device" that would allow us to capture the brain activities and collapse the electromagnetic waves into that kind of synchronicity that allows you to achieve any goal set by your mind. One thing for sure, different kind of thoughts produces different kind of energy, but as a whole our brain is a powerful source of energy. A kind of energy that can be an asset or a setback depending on how you use it. Want to get the most out of your mental wave activities? Enhance your potential with Quantum therapy. We are just a click away. Contact us and we will be pleased to assist you in your new endeavor.

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